About Us

Unified Capital offers a wide range of long-term loans to support growth and development of your company


The thing you will like about small business loans from Unified Capital
is that they have competitive interest rates between 6.5% - 36% (these rates could be even lower) and fast turnaround times.


Getting business funding from Unified Capital is a basis of collaboration and quality guarantee. You can be certain that you are giving yourself the best chance to find the right finance.


We understand time is money! In business, every minute counts.
At Unified Capital you'll receive a loan decision on your application within 24 hours with the ability to get funds the next business day.

As a small business owner, you will probably need a capital contribution to fatten the profits. Don’t be afraid. As the famous quote goes, “A hard beginning makes a good ending.” Our company, Unified Capital, is ready to help you to get a small loan to boost your sales and revenue or attract more customers to you place. And if you are just at the initial stage of your business, our company offers also small business loans for startups. That is why do not hesitate to contact us to get the funding your company needs. Our company has strong background financing all the sectors including industrial, commercial and hospitality industry.

How It Works

Our small business loans are simple, flexible and easy to obtain. Get started today! Follow four easy steps and obtain small business loan right away!

Step 1

To Apply

The key to the whole funding process is ridiculously simple.

Fill out a small online application form or give us a call at 844-403-8637 to talk with funding specialist directly.

Step 2

Tell Us How We Can Help

Provide really straightforward details about your small business needs to get started.
This is the type of information you have to hand.

Step 3

Get Pre-Approved

Our funding specialists will be in touch with you directly within 24 hours to congratulate on approval.

It really is that simple!


Step 4

Get Funded

 The simple fact is once you approved, Unified Capital will wire the funds straight to your business bank account within a couple of hours.

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