This is no time for trial and error or order taking; this is a time to sell. Here are some basic steps you can take to improve your sales performance, reduce your cost of selling, and ensure your survival.

  • The “right” metrics depend on your commercial organization, type of industry, and company in general. So why not to draft a winning sales plan? Here are some tips tend to be important for sales leaders across the board.
  • Your plan should be simple, concise and easily revised. Review it on a regular basis in order to track ongoing performance.
  • Stick to what is measurable, so that you can easily monitor progress, i.e. number of calls, prospects, account reviews, client referrals and leads.
  • Along with companywide sales strategies, be sure that every sales team member sets his own individual sales goals.
  • Ensure each sales team member develops specific tactics: hold 15 seminars in order to attract 198 potential clients, or send 52 letters a month to existing clients to offer them our new product, etc.

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